6.16. Course Withdrawal

Withdrawal Time Frames are Important!

Students can withdraw from a course any time during the period of active study except once the final exam has been written. The following withdrawal criteria is important. Please read it carefully and note the specific time frames involved.

To receive a refund, students must withdraw from the course (with the exception of challenge courses) at any time up until 30 days after the course start date. Students who withdraw within 30 days of the course start date, will have the record of registration deleted from their official record.

Students who withdraw after 30 days and within 90 days after the course start date (with the exception of challenge courses), will have their official record indicate a “W” (Withdrawal) without credit and without academic penalty at Athabasca Unversity.

Students who withdraw more than 90 days after the course start date, and before the contract date, will have their official record indicate a “WF” (Withdrawal/Failure), without academic penalty at Athabasca Unversity.

Students who fail to formally withdraw will be assigned a system failure, and their official record will indicate “F” (Failure), with academic penalty.



Withdrawal Procedure

All withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing or online (using your LOGIN), to the Office of the Registrar, and bear the student's signature. An e-mailed withdrawal request will not be accepted.

To formally withdraw from a course, you may complete and submit a Course Withdrawal Request Form (PDF) or access the online form through Athabasca University's Online Registration and Information System. This form is available in your learning resources package. You may fax the form to the Office of the Registrar.

The date of withdrawal will be the postmark on the request, or, if the notice is hand-delivered or faxed, the University date stamp, or the online submission date.




Refunds are available only to students who formally withdraw from an undergraduate course either before the course start date or no later than 30 days after the course start date, provided students meet specific criteria found in Section 5.10. Students may not withdraw from a course once the final exam has been deemed written.

If you are withdrawing from a course according to the Course Withdrawal criteria in Section 6.16.1 above, please review Section 5.10. for complete shipping and refund information.

Students are responsible for the cost of returning their learning resources to Athabasca University.



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