Undergraduate Programs
University Certificate in Advanced Accounting
Regulations effective September 1, 2003

Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

The University Certificate in Advanced Accounting is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills students developed in the University Certificate in Accounting. Thus, the University Certificate in Accounting (or its equivalent) is required for enrolment in the program.

Students holding an undergraduate or graduate degree with a major in
accounting may not enrol in this program.

AU advisors have developed a Program Plan to assist you.

  Total credits in the program
  Required credits 15
  Elective credits 18
  Through AU 15
  General certificate regulations  
  Required Courses (15 credits)
ACCT 356 Strategic and Competitive Analysis (3)
ACCT 454 Decision Analysis (3)
ADMN 404 Business Policy* (3)
ADMN 404 must be taken with AU. Transfer credit
will not be awarded. ADMN 404 should be taken
as the last course in the program.
MKTG 396 Introduction to Marketing (3)
ORGB 364 Organizational Behaviour (3)


  Elective Courses (18 credits from the following)
ACCT 451 Advanced Financial Accounting (3)
ACCT 453 Financial Accounting Theory (3)
ACCT 460 Principles of Auditing (3)
CMIS 311 Case Studies in Management Information Systems or  
CMIS 351 Management Information Systems (3)
FNCE 370 Overview of Corporate Finance (3)
MGSC 312 Statistics for Business and Economics II (3)
TAXX 301 Introduction to Income Taxation (3)

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