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Information Systems Major
Regulations effective September 1, 2003

Students complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment.

Requirements within the 120 credits required for the BA.


The Information Systems major was developed to produce graduates with the processing, usage, and managing skills required by business, education and government. This major may be done as a double major since it is anticipated that many students may wish to combine the Information Systems major with some other major offered in the Bachelor of Arts degree. Those wishing to specialize exclusively in Information Systems should consider enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems offered by the Centre for Computing Information Systems.

Courses in the Information Systems major deal with both computer science and business applications. Information Systems courses may not transfer to computer science programs at other institutions. Students are therefore cautioned to consult with other institutions on a course-by-course basis if they are considering transferring Athabasca University's Information Systems courses to another program of study.

Requirements within the 120 credits required for the BA.

42 credits in courses designated as
core courses and electives.
21 credits in required core courses.  
A minimum of 21 credits in elective courses.
A minimum of 78 credits in Arts (Humanities and Social Science) courses.  
  Required Core Courses (21 credits)  
CMIS 245 Microcomputer Applications in Business (Windows) (3)
COMP 200 Introduction to Computing and Information Systems (3)
COMP 268 Introduction to Computer Programming (Java) (3)
COMP 314

Computer Organization

COMP 315 Advanced Operating Systems (3)
COMP 361 Systems Analysis and Design (3)
COMP 378 Introduction to Database Management (3)
INFS 200 Accessing Information





Electives (21 credits)



At the senior (300 or 400) level in COMP or CMIS courses (with a maximum of 6 credits in CMIS courses.) (12)


At the 400 level in COMP (9)




  Specific Regulations

Information Systems is a rapidly changing field; consequently, it may not be possible to transfer credit for older courses and/or diplomas towards this degree. Athabasca University will not grant credit for computer courses taken more than 5 years ago.


Holders of the Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems from Athabasca University or its equivalent from another university may not apply to the Bachelor of Arts major in Information Systems.


The requirement of a minimum of 78 credits in Arts (Humanities and Social Science) courses replaces the normal requirement of 96 credits in Arts courses included in the general regulations for the four-year Bachelor of Arts (with major). This change is required to accommodate the large number of credits in Science-area courses required by this major.

A minimum of 30 credits in Arts courses is required in the Bachelor of Arts four-year second undergraduate degree program (major in Information Systems).

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