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4.19. Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems

(Four years - 120 credits)

Introduction Requirements
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The Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems (BSc—CIS) is designed for students who wish to be more applications-oriented — the use of computers in business, education, and other applications areas for the processing, utilization, and management of information.

Graduates of the BSc—CIS program, while still possessing the requisite technical skills, will tend to be oriented towards system analysis and design for organizational functions and will interact more with personnel in organizations.

The programming language requirements for new students in this program are COMP 268 (Java) and COMP 272 (Java), as noted below. Those students already in a program may graduate with other combinations of programming languages in introductory programming and data structures. Descriptions of the various acceptable combinations that are suitable may be found on the Centre for Computing Information Systems news page. Students who have not yet completed an acceptable combination should consult with the Program Director to determine which course(s) to take to satisfy the requirements.

Some courses will begin to specify Java as a prerequisite, but usually allow other possibilities for some time.

Students are strongly encouraged to register in ENGL 255 or ADMN 233 and PHIL 252 early in the program.

Degree Requirements

Total credits in the program 120
Minimum Credits Required

Senior (300 or 400 level) courses
Science courses
     In senior (300 or 400 level) science courses
Arts or Applied Studies courses
Through Athabasca University

Maximum Credits Allowed

Arts or Administration courses
Maximum Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition credits

Core Course Requirements (57 credits)
ADMN 233 Writing in Organizations   (3)
COMP 200 Introduction to Computing and Information Systems   (3)
COMP 268 Introduction to Computer Programming (Java)   (3)
COMP 272 Data Structures (Java)   (3)
COMP 314 Computer Organization   (3)
COMP 347 Computer Networks I   (3)
COMP 361 System Analysis and Design   (3)
COMP 378 Introduction to Database Management   (3)
COMP 495 Computer and Information Systems Projects I   (3)
ENGL 255 Introductory Composition   (3)
MATH 209 Finite Mathematics   (3)
MATH 215 Introduction to Statistics   (3)
MATH 265 Introduction to Calculus I   (3)
MATH 270 Linear Algebra I   (3)
MATH 309 Discrete Mathematics    (3)
MGSC 405 Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making   (3)
ORGB 364 Organizational Behaviour   (3)
PHIL 333 Professional Ethics or
     PHIL 371 Ethics, Science, Technology, and the Environment   (3)
SCIE 326 Scientific Reasoning   (3)
Computer Science (COMP) or
     Computers and Management Information Systems (CMIS) at the 300 level.   (15)
Computer Science (COMP) courses at the 400 level.   (18)

Precluded Courses: Students cannot receive credit for COMP 203 or COMP 220 in this program.

Specific Regulations

Athabasca University will not grant credit for individual computer science courses that were completed more than five years ago unless students can supply evidence of employment indicating they are current in a computer science-related field/profession.

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