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4.10. Bachelor of Management degree program (Three years - 90 credits)

Program Requirements
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Athabasca University is pleased to announce the opening of its new Bachelor of Management degree program. This program consists of a three-year general degree program, and a four-year program that allows students to select majors in Marketing or Human Resource Management, and a four-year general program. Other majors are anticipated in the near future.

Many of Athabasca University's management courses are offered entirely online, and others offer significant online enhancements. In addition Athabasca University offers a growing number of grouped-study, online courses in September and January. This fall students from Canada, Mexico, and Malaysia will be studying and learning together.

A degree in management will better prepare graduates for the changing business world of today. Graduates will possess the critical thinking, communications, and management skills needed to excel in a variety of work environments. Graduates will gain an important competitive advantage by completing this program.

Students are strongly encouraged to register in ADMN 233 early in their program.

Program Requirements

Total credits in the program
Through Athabasca University

Maximum Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition credits

**Note: Effective Jan. 1, 2003, the above 30 credits will be reduced to 24, 300/400 level credits.

Years 1 and 2 (60 credits)

Required Courses (45 credits)

ACCT 245 Accounting for Managers of Not-for-Profit Organizations or
      ACCT 250 Accounting for Managers* or
      ACCT 253 Introductory Financial Accounting +*    (3)
ADMN 232 Administrative Principles
ADMN 233 Writing in Organizations
COMM 329 The Practice of Interpersonal Communications or
      COMM 377Communication and Problem Solving in Groups    (3)
COMP 200 Introduction to Computing and Information Systems    (3)
ECON 247 Microeconomics    (3)
ECON 248 Macroeconomics    (3)
FNCE 234 Introduction to Finance or
      FNCE 370 Overview of Corporate Finance    (3)
LGST 369 Commercial Law or
      LGST 3xx International Business Law (in development)    (3)
MATH 215 Statistics or
      MGSC 301 Statistics for Business or Economics I    (3)
MKTG 396 Introduction to Marketing    (3)
ORGB 364 Organizational Behaviour    (3)
PHIL 252 Critical Thinking    (3)
PHIL 333 Professional Ethics or
      PHIL 337 Business Ethics    (3)
SOCI 321 Sociology of Work and Industry    (3)

Options (15 credits)

Administrative Studies at any level    (3)
Humanities, Science, and Social Science (at least six credits at senior 300 or 400 level)    (12)

Year 3 (30 credits)

Required Courses (21 credits)

ADMN 404 Business Policy* (*required at AU. Refer to prerequisite.)    (3)
ADMN 417 International Business Management (in development)    (3)
CMIS 351 Management Information Systems    (3)
ECOM 320 Overview of E-Commerce    (3)
ECON 301 The Changing Global Economy    (3)
HRMT/ORGB 386 Introduction to Human Resource Management    (3)
MGSC 312 Statistics for Business and Economics II    (3)

Options (9 credits)

Administrative Studies options at the senior (300 or 400 level)    (3)
Humanities, Science, Social Science or Applied Studies (but not Administrative Studies) options at the senior (300 or 400) level    (6)

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