This Calendar is effective September 1, 2000 - August 31, 2001
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16. Faculty, Professional Staff and Tutors

As of January 1, 2000

Office of the President
President Human Resources
Public Affairs

Office of the Vice-President Academic
Vice-President Academic Learning Services
Centres for:
Commerce & Administrative Studies Computing Information Systems
Distance Education Innovative Management
Global & Social Analysis Language & Literature
Learning Accreditation Nursing & Health Studies
Psychology Science
State & Legal Studies Work & Community Studies
Educational Media Development Research Centre
Affiliated Instructors Tutors

Office of the Vice-President Student Services
Vice-President Computing Services
Course Materials Production Library Services
Office of the Registrar Calgary Learning Centre
Edmonton Learning Centre

Office of the Vice-President Finance
Vice-President Facilities & Services
Financial Services

Office of the President

Dominique A.M.X. Abrioux, President
BA (Combined Hons) (Saskatchewan), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Timothy A. Busch, University Secretary
BA (Alberta)

Eileen Hendy, Information and Records Coordinator

Linda Reimer, Staff and Student Relations Coordinator
BA (Lethbridge)

J. William Gaudette, Director, Training and Consultation
BA (Sir George Williams), MEd (Calgary), LLB (Calgary)

Human Resources

Joyce Loxam, Director

Paulette Patry, Coordinator, Compensation and Payroll

Carrie Fix, Coordinator, Labour Relations and Employment

Public Affairs

Clive Keen, Executive Director
BA (Exeter), MA (McMaster), PhD (McMaster)

Kevin Davies, Information Centre Administrator
BA (Brigham Young), MA Art (Gonzaga)

Mark Dunsire, Coordinator, Communications Design

Kerry Joyes, Coordinator, Public Affairs

Pam Patten, Communications Officer
Public Relations Diploma (Mount Royal)

Office of the Vice-President, Academic

Alan Davis, Vice-President, Academic
BSc (Hons) (University College London), MSc (Simon Fraser), PhD (Simon Fraser)

Deborah Zornes, Administrative Officer
UCert:Admin (Athabasca)

Learning Services

Lori Oddson, Director, Collaboration and Learning Services
BSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta)

Cindy Kilborn, Coordinator, Learning Services Tutorial
BA (Carleton)

Angela Heydemann, Coordinator, Learning Services Outreach
BA (Hons)(Alberta)

Iain Grant, Coordinator, International Projects
BA (Waterloo), MA (Guelph)


Centre for Computing Information Systems

Charles van Duren, Chair, Assistant Professor, Computing and Information Systems
BA (Guelph), MSc (Alberta)

Peter Holt, Professor, Computing and Information Systems
BSc (Trent), MA (Guelph), PhD (Alberta)

Osama Shata, Associate Professor, Computing and Information Systems
BSc (Kuwait), MSc (Wales), PhD (Wales)

Mahmoud Abaza, Associate Professor, Computing and Information Systems
Dip (Tashkent Polytechnic Inst), MS (Yarmouk), PhD (Wisconsin)

Wayne Brehaut, Associate Professor, Computing and Information Systems
BEng (Saskatchewan), MA (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo)

Eric Neufeld, Course Coordinator, Computing and Information Systems

Terry Taylor, Course Coordinator, Computing and Information Systems
BSc (Alberta), BSc Ed (Alberta)

Karen Stauffer, Web Course Support/Programmer Analyst
BScCIS (Athabasca), Nursing Diploma (SIAST)

Lewis Varga, Assistant Professor, Computing and Information Systems
BEng (Budapest), MSc (British Columbia), PhD (Simon Fraser)

Louis Schmittroth, Adjunct Professor
BSc (Stanford), MS (Stanford), PhD (Stanford)

Centre for Distance Education

Robert E. Spencer, Director, Associate Professor, Distance Education
BA (Kansas), MA (Kansas), PhD (Kansas)

Mohammed Ally, Associate Professor, Distance Education
BSc (York), MA (Concordia), PhD (Alberta)

Jonathan Baggaley, Professor, Educational Technology
BA (Sheffield), PhD (Sheffield)

Gail Crawford, Associate Professor, Instructional Psychologist
Diploma-Nursing (British Columbia), BA (Toronto), MA (Toronto), PhD (Alberta)

Patrick J. Fahy, Associate Professor, Distance Education
BSc (Minnesota), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Susan Moisey, Associate Professor, Distance Education
BA (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Tom Jones, Associate Professor, Distance Education Specialist
BComm (Concordia), Teaching Cert (British Columbia), MEd (Western Washington), PhD (Toronto)

Mark Bullen, Assistant Professor, Distance Education
BA (British Columbia), MA (British Columbia), PhD (British Columbia)

Doug Crawford, Adjunct Professor
Teaching Cert (Prof Advanced) (British Columbia), BA (British Columbia), MA (British Columbia), PhD (Toronto)

Denis J. Haughey, Associate Professor, Distance Education
BA (Northern Ireland), DipEd (Northern Ireland), MEd (British Columbia), PhD (British Columbia)

Dale Howard, Associate Professor, Distance Education
BA (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Desmond Keegan, Adjunct Professor
PhD (Australia), DipEd (Australia), MA (Ireland), BA (Ireland)

Eila Lamb, Adjunct Professor
Teaching Cert (British Columbia), BSc A (UBC), MEd (UBC), MSc (CAU), EdD (British Columbia)

Susan May, Assistant Professor, Distance Education
BSW (Manitoba), BAdmin (Athabasca), MCEd (Saskatchewan), EdD (Toronto)

Ian Mugridge, Professor, Distance Education
BA (Oxford), DipED (Oxford), MA (Oxford), MA (California), PhD (California)

Morten Paulsen, Adjunct Professor
DipEd (US), MSc (Norway)

Bruce D. Ravelli, Assistant Professor, Distance Education
BA (British Columbia), MA (British Columbia), PhD (British Columbia)

Torstein Rekkedal, Adjunct Professor
Cand. Paed. (Norway), Teaching Cert. (Norway)

Erv Schieman, Associate Professor, Distance Education
BA (Calgary), BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), EdD (Toronto)

Jo-Anne Willment, Assistant Professor
BA (Waterloo), MA (Guelph), EdD (Toronto)

Avis Nedza, Production Coordinator

Centre for Global and Social Analysis

Mary Richardson, Chair, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Humanities
BA (Wells), PhD (Pittsburgh)

Michael A. Gismondi, Associate Professor, Sociology and Global Studies
BA (Combined Hons) (McMaster), MA (McMaster), PhD (York)

E. David Gregory, Associate Professor, Humanities and History
CertEd (London), BA (Hons) (Keele), MA (Sussex), PhD (Queen's)

Bruce Morito, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
BPE (McMaster), BA (McMaster), MA (McMaster), PhD (Guelph)

Jeremy Mouat, Associate Professor, History
BA (Massey), MA (Canterbury), PhD (British Columbia)

Tony Simmons, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Labour Studies
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Johanne Kristjanson, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies/ Geography
BA (Hons) (Saskatchewan), MA (Guelph), PhD (Wisconsin)

Gregory Johnson, Course Coordinator, History
BA (British Columbia), MA (British Columbia), PhD (York)

Gordon Drever, Course Coordinator, Sociology

Centre for Language and Literature

Anne Nothof, Chair, Professor, English
BA (Hons) (Queen's), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

David Brundage, Assistant Professor, ESL Writing Skills
BA (Carleton), MFA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Mary G. Hamilton, Associate Professor, English
BA (Hons) (Windsor), MA (Windsor), PhD (Alberta)

Renate Peters, Associate Professor, French
MA (Saskatchewan), PhD (Alberta)

Joseph J. Pivato, Professor, English
BA (Combined Hons) (York), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Leonard Van der Wekken, Assistant Professor, French
BA (Western Washington State), BEd (Western Washington State), MA (Los Angeles)

Veronica Baig, Course Coordinator, ESL
BA (Hons)(Wales), MA (Calgary), BEd (Saskatchewan)

Centre for Learning Accreditation

Ken Collier, Director
BA (Saskatchewan), MSW (British Columbia), PhD (Wales, Swansea)

Helen Salzl, Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator

Centre for Science

Martin Connors, Chair, Assistant Professor, Math/Physics
BSc (Hons)(Western Ontario), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Lisa Carter, Associate Professor, Human Biology
BSc (New South Wales), PhD (New South Wales)

Robert Carmichael, Laboratory Programs Coordinator and Faculty Operations Assistant
BSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta)

Chong Chun, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
BSc (Sogang), MSc (Sogang), PhD (Simon Fraser)

Sam Fefferman, Computer-Oriented Approach to Statistics
MA Economics (Alberta), BComm (Distinction) (Alberta)

Robert G. Holmberg, Associate Professor, Biology
BA (Hons) (Saskatchewan), MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (Simon Fraser)

Dietmar Kennepohl, Associate Professor, Chemistry
BSc (McMaster), PhD (Alberta)

Donald Kvill, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences
BA (Alberta), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Norman Temple, Associate Professor, Nutrition
MI (Nottingham), PhD (Wolverhampton)

Burt Voorhees, Professor, Mathematics
BA (Berkeley), MS (Arizona), PhD (Texas)

Garth Edwards, Adjunct Professor
BSc (Manitoba), PhD (Western Ontario)

Zack Florence, Adjunct Professor
BSc (Texas), MF (Texas), MSc (California), DF (Texas)

William J. Fuller, Adjunct Professor
BA (Saskatchewan), MA (Saskatchewan), PhD (Wisconsin)

Ronald Gooding, Adjunct Professor
BSc (Alberta), MA (Texas), ScD (Maryland)

T. S. "Lochan" Bakshi, Professor Emeritus
BSc (Bombay), MSc (Sauger), PhD (Washington State), FBS

Centre for Nursing and Health Studies

Joy Fraser, Acting Director, Associate Professor, Coordinator, Advanced Graduate Diploma: Advanced
Nursing Practice and President, AUFA

RN, BScN (Alberta), MN (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Roberta L. Carey, Associate Professor, Nursing
RN, BA (Wyoming), MA (Wyoming), PhD (Alberta)

Margaret Edwards, Coordinator, Master of Health Studies, Assistant Professor
RN, BScN (Alberta), MA (Calgary), PhD (Calgary)

Margaret Shim, Assistant Professor, Master of Health Studies
DipOT (New Zealand), BScOT (Alberta), MScOT (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Gail Diachuk, Course Coordinator, Nursing
BScN (Alberta), MN (Alberta)

Paula Finlayson, Assistant Professor, Nursing
RN, BScN (Alberta), MN (Alberta)

Virginia Richardson, Assistant Professor, Nursing
RN, BScN (Windsor), CTN (Manitoba), MN (Calgary)

James Fedorchuk, Instructional Media Analyst
BEd (Alberta), MLIS (Alberta)

Shirley Baker, Sessional Instructor
Dip Nursing (Montreal), BA (Montreal), MSN (Nashville, TN)

Centre for Psychology

Cheuk Fan Ng, Chair, Associate Professor,Psychology
BA (Manitoba), MA (Victoria), PhD (Victoria)

Linda Chmiliar, Assistant Professor, Inclusive Education
BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD candidate (Alberta)

Sandra Collins, Assistant Professor, Psychology,
BA (Carleton), MA (Canadian Theological Seminar), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Calgary)

Robert Bedecki, Assistant Professor, Psychology
BA (St. Francis Xavier), BEd (St. Francis Xavier), MEd (Alberta)

Lyle Grant, Professor, Psychology
BA (Western Michigan), MA (West Virginia), PhD (West Virginia)

Geoffrey S. Peruniak, Associate Professor, Psychology
BA (Hons) (Queen's), MA (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Allan Hayduk, Adjunct Professor
BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Penny Hayduk, Course Coordinator, Psychology
BA (Distinction) (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), Dip. Post-SecEd (Alberta)

Centre for State and Legal Studies

Alvin Finkel, Chair, Professor, History
BA (Manitoba), MA (Manitoba), PhD (Toronto)

Peter J. Smith, Professor, Political Economy
BA (Portland), MA (McMaster), PhD (Carleton)

Jane Arscott, Assistant Professor, Human Services
BA (Queen's), MLit (Oxford), PhD (Queen's)

Priscilla Campeau, Program Administrator, BPA Criminal Justice
BA (Saskatchewan)

Tracey Lindberg, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
LLB (Saskatchewan), LLM (Harvard)

Sharon McGuire, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
BEd (Washington), MA (Montana), PhD (Alberta)

Malinda S. Smith, Assistant Professor, Political Science
BA Magna Cum Laude (Western Michigan), MA (Dist.) (Western Michigan), PhD (Alberta)

Evelyn Ellerman, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
BA (Hons) (Calgary), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

John Anderson, Course Coordinator, Legal Studies
BA (Hons) (Guelph), MA (Alberta), LLB (Queen's)

Lorna Stefanick, Course Coordinator, Political Science
BA (British Columbia), MA (Calgary), PhD (Queen's)

Curtis Clarke, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
BA (Hons) (Queen's), MA (Queen's), PhD (Candidate)

Gunhild Hoogensen, Course Coordinator, Political Science
BSc (Concordia), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Anwar (Andy) N. Khan, Professor Emeritus
DipEd (Reading), BA (Punjab), MA (Peshawar), LLB (Karachi), MA (Keele), FIL (London), Attorney-at-Law (Pakistan)

Centre for Work and Community Studies

Bruce Spencer, Chair, Professor, Labour Relations
CertEd (Liverpool), BSc (Hons) (London), MA (Warwick), PhD (Leeds)

Catherine Cavanaugh, Associate Professor, Women's Studies
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Linda Driedger, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
BA (Lethbridge), MA (Alberta)

Sheila Greaves, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
BA (British Columbia), MA (Calgary), PhD (British Columbia)

Jeffery Taylor, Associate Professor, Labour Studies
BA (Manitoba), MA (Manitoba), PhD (Manitoba)

Arlene Young, Associate Professor, Women's Studies
DipEd (Alberta), BA (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

Collette Oseen, Course Coordinator, Women's Studies
BA (Alberta), BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Derek Briton, Assistant Professor, Labour Studies
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Debbie Boddington, Course Coordinator, Women's Studies
BA (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), Chartered Psychologist

Educational Media Development

Christine Nelson, Director
BA (Alberta), BEd (Western Ontario)

Jane Gismondi, Multi-Media Course Developer
BA (McMaster), BEd (Toronto)

Carol Schafer, Course Materials Editor
BA (Athabasca)

Judith van Duren, [Seconded to Alberta North] Learning Systems Coordinator
BA (Guelph), MSc (Guelph)

Margaret Anderson, Visual Designer

Catherine Conroy, Course Materials Editor
BEd (Alberta)

Elise Johnson, Visual Designer
BFA (Alberta), MVA (Alberta)

Gilda Sanders, Course Materials Editor
BA (Hons) (Manitoba)

Joan Sherman, Course Materials Editor

Linda Bonneville, Course Design and Development Coordinator

Erna Dominey, Course Materials Editor
Dip. Mus. Tech. (Algonquin), BA (Alberta)

Eve Comrie, Calendar and Course Information Coordinator

Brian Powell, Instructional Media Analyst
BA (Ottawa), MA (Concordia)

Lori-Ann Claerhout, Copyright Officer
BA (Calgary)

Research Centre

Peter S. Cookson, Associate Vice-President, Research and Institutional Studies
BSc (Brigham Young), MSc (Brigham Young), PhD (Chicago)

Richard J. Powell, Head, Institutional Studies
BA (Hons) (Waterloo), MA (Waterloo)

Richard Hotchkiss, Institutional Information Coordinator
BA (Mount Allison), MA (Nymegen)

Patrick Cooper, Institutional Analyst
BASc (Lethbridge), MSc (Alberta)

Janice Thiessen, Managing Editor
BEd (Alberta), AGDDE(T) (Athabasca)

The School of Business

Centre for Commerce and Administrative Studies

Mavis Jacobs, Director, Associate Professor Accounting
MBA (Alberta), BComm (Alberta), CA (Alberta), Graduate Diploma in Taxation (McGill)

Shamsud (Duha) Chowdhury, Associate Professor, Business Policy and Strategic Management
BComm (Hons) (Dacca), MCom (Dacca), MBA (Kentucky), PhD (Kentucky)

Marco L. Adria, Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Organization Theory
BMus (Alberta), BA (Athabasca), MA (Trent), PhD (Aston)

David Annand, Associate Professor, Accounting
BMgmt (Lethbridge), MBA (Dalhousie), CA, ED (Alberta)

Mohammed Ansari, Associate Professor, Economics
BA (Hons) (Patna), MA (Patna), MA (Lakehead), PhD (Simon Fraser)

Avinder Gill, Course Coordinator, Management Science
BEng (Punjab), MSc (Manitoba), PhD (Manitoba)

Martin Husch, ViTAL® Systems Analyst

Richard Marsden, Associate Professor, Industrial Relations
BSc Econ (Hons) (Wales), MSc Econ (Wales), PhD (Warwick)

Konrad Michalski, Assistant Professor, Computing and Information Systems
BEng (Warsaw Technical), MEng (Warsaw Technical)

John Newark, Associate Professor, Economics
BA (Carleton), MA (Carleton), PhD (Toronto)

Thomas Palakkamanil, Coordinator, Health Administration
BSc (Kerala), MEd (Madras), MA (Alberta), CEHA

Andrew Woudstra, Professor, Management Accounting
BA (Alberta), BComm (Alberta), MBA (Western Ontario), CMA

Lorraine Laville, Course Coordinator, Computing and Information Systems
BA Math (Saskatchewan)

Inez Dekker, Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour
BA (Queen's), MA (Queen's)

Betty Wong, Course Coordinator Accounting/Coordinator
UCert.Acct. (USA)

Zengxiang (Eric) Wang, Assistant Professor, Finance
BSc (Shandong), MBA (Saint Mary's)

Loren Bourget, Course Coordinator, Accounting Theory
Cert. Health Care Admin. (Saskatchewan), BComm (Alberta), CA

Ron Evans, Course Coordinator, Administration
Dip. Operations Research (SORS)

Oliver Franke, Course Coordinator, Economics
BA (Hons)(Alberta), MA (Alberta)

John Fisher, Course Coordinator, Administration
BA (Brigham Young), MA (Brigham Young), PhD (Alberta)

Kerri Michalczuk, Learning/Production Coordinator
BSc (Alberta)

Colleen Miller, ViTAL® Systems Coordinator
BComm (Calgary)

Lee Ann Keple, Course Coordinator, Marketing
BA (Collège militarie royal du Canada), MBA (Alberta)

Clarence Byrd, Course Coordinator, Accounting

Centre for Innovative Management

Lindsay Redpath, Director, Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Bryan Austin, Professor, Accounting
BComm (Saskatchewan), MSc (Oregon)

Christopher Barrett, Programmer/Analyst

Peter Carr, Associate Professor, Management/Associate Director External and Corporate Relations/Program Director, MBA Information Tech Mgmt
BSc (North East London), MSc (Cranfield), PhD (Cranfield)

Sandra Davis, Manager, Marketing and Alumni Services
BEd (Alberta)

Shelley Lynes, Manager, Registrations, Records and Graduate Student Affairs

Carrie Markowski, Manager, Learning Services
BComm (Alberta), BEd (Alberta)

David Poshtar, Programmer/Analyst

Reg Silvester, Course Production Facilitator
BAJ (Carlton)

Rod Woollam, Programmer Analyst
BASc (Alberta), PENG (APEGGA)

Michael Mayo, Associate Professor, Strategic Management and Marketing
BA (DePaul), MA (DePaul), MM (Northwestern), PhD (Michigan)

Anshuman Khare, Associate Professor, Operations Management
BSc (Allahabad), MBA (Allahabad), D. Phil. (Allahabad)

Mimi Hurt, Associate Professor Information Technology
BSc MIS (Florida), PhD (Texas)

Kathleen Fraser, Associate Professor, Operations Management
BA (New York), MBA (New York), PhD (Syracruse)

Jim Dunn, Associate Professor, Applied Projects and Residential Schools
BA (Alberta), MBA (Alberta), PhD (Oregon)

Shelley Guidinger, Project Manager, Residential Schools

Dwight Thomas, Adjunct Professor, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
BComm (Alberta), MBA (Toronto), PhD (Colorado)

Stephen Murgatroyd, Adjunct Professor
BA (Hons) (Wales), MPhil (OU), PhD (OU), CPsyc.(UK), FBPsS, FIAEP

Affiliated instructors

Larry Andreotti, Grande Prairie Regional College, Psychology Instructor
BA (Nevada), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Oregon)

Robin Bourke, Grande Prairie Regional College, English Instructor
BSc (Brigham Young), MA (Brigham Young)

Duff Crerar, Grande Prairie Regional College, History Instructor
BA (Western Ontario), BEd (Queen's), MA (Western Ontario), PhD (Queen's)

Elroy Deimert, Grande Prairie Regional College, English Instructor
BA (Calgary), MA (Windsor), PhD (Alberta)

Kathy Fitzgerald, Keyano College, History Instructor
BA (Waterloo), MA (Waterloo), MLS (Western Ontario)

George Hanna, Grande Prairie Regional College, English Instructor
BA (Pacific), MA (Carleton), PhD (Waterloo), BSc (McMaster)

Debra Hughes, Alberta Vocational College - Lac La Biche
BSc (McMaster), PhD (Waterloo)

Brian Jayawardhana, Alberta Vocational College - Lac La Biche
MEd (Psychology) (Alberta), LTh (St.Thomas, Rome), MPhil (St. Thomas, Rome)

Reg Lakasik, Alberta Vocational College - Lac La Biche
PhD (Waterloo)

Cam MacEachern, Keyano College, History Instructor
BA (Queen's), MA (McGill)

Scott McAlpine, Grande Prairie Regional College, Political Science Instructor
BA (Wilfrid Laurier), MA (Wilfrid Laurier), PhD (Calgary)

William McConnell, Grande Prairie Regional College, Psychology Instructor
BSc (Glasgow), M.App.Sc (Glasgow), PhD (Calgary)

Terry McGaughey, Alberta Vocational College - Lac La Biche
BA (Kingston), MA (Windsor)

Patricia McGrath, Alberta Vocational College - Lac La Biche
BEd (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Anatol Meush, Keyano College ,History of Science Instructor
BA (Manitoba), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Cynthia O'Donnell, Keyano College, English
BA (Hons) (Toronto), MA (Toronto)

Jerry Petryshyn, Grande Prairie Regional College, History Instructor
BA (York), MA (Waterloo), PhD (Western Ontario)

Vincent Salvo, Grande Prairie Regional College, Sociology Instructor
BA (Indiana), MS (Purdue), PhD (Purdue)

Kendel Tang, Grande Prairie Regional College, Psychology Instructor
BA (Philippines), MA (Michigan), PhD (Hawaii)


Manju Acharya, Native Studies, Lethbridge
BA (Hons) (Utkal), BA (Lethbridge), MA (Lethbridge)

Mushtaq Ahmad, Computing, Athabasca
BSc (Pakistan), MSc (Pakistan)

Laurence Allen, English, Edmonton
MA (Scotland)

Marian Allen, English, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Calgary), MA (Calgary)

John Anderson, Legal Studies, Edmonton
BA (Hons)(Guelph), MA (Alberta), LLB (Queen's)

Lorraine Anderson, Biology, Calgary
BA (Lethbridge), BSc (Lethbridge), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Calgary)

Alan Andron, Administration, Lethbridge
BA (Lethbridge), MA (Western Ontario)

Trevor April, Biology, Edmonton
BSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta)

Sonia Atwal, English, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Western Ontario)

Michael Austin, Health Administration, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Verna Baldwin, Organizational Behaviour, Calgary
BSc (Alberta), MBA (Calgary), LLB (Alberta)

Meinrad Banda, Native Studies, Edmonton
MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Tom Barnett, Taxation, Calgary
BA (Calgary), BComm (Calgary), CGA

Carole Benner, Anthropology, Calgary
BA (Calgary), MA (Calgary)

Sandra Bingham, Humanities, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (British Columbia)

Georgia Blackmore, Psychology, Blackfalds
BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

David Blizzard, Computer Science, Calgary
BCS (Hons) (Concordia)

Debby Boddington, Psychology, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

Steven Boddington, History, Edmonton
MA (Alberta), BA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Brian Borgford, Administration, Calgary
CMA, MA (Western Ontario)

Loren Bourget, Accounting, St. Albert
CHCA (Saskatchewan), CHACC (Alberta), BComm (Alberta)

Harvey A. Brink, Psychology, Delburne
BA (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

Elizabeth Broad, RN, Nursing, St. Albert
BA (Alberta), BScN (Alberta), MN (Alberta)

Eric Brooks, Legal Studies, Cardston
LLB (Alberta), BA (Lethbridge)

Lois Browne, Chemistry, Edmonton
BSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Susan Burns, Administration, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Carleton), MA (Ontario)

Ria Busink, Psychology, Edmonton
BEd (British Columbia), MA (Saybrook Inst.), PhD (Alberta)

Luz Maria Cabrera, Spanish, Edmonton
BA (Chile)

Lewis Callahan, Social Science, Lethbridge
PhD (Idaho)

Moira M. Cameron, RN, Nursing, Calgary
MHSc (McMaster), BN (McGill), DipPsychN (Montreal), DipN (Nova Scotia)

Brenda Campbell, Anthropology, Athabasca
Dip AdEd (Okanagan), MA (Alberta), BA (Hons) (Alberta)

Ghislaine Campbell, French, Edmonton
MA (Alberta)

Lori Campbell, Sociology, Fort Smith
BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

Gloria Chalmers, Organizational Behaviour, Edmonton
MED (Alberta), BA (Concordia), Dip Ed (McGill)

Michael Cheney, Religious Studies, Masset
BA (Washington), MA (Regent), PhD (Lunds)

Linda Chmiliar, Psychology, Sherwood Park
BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

Curtis Clarke, Criminal Justice, Edmonton
BA (Queen's), MA (Queen's)

Anne Conquergood, Marketing, Calgary
MA (Alberta)

David Cooper, Computing, Red Deer
MSc (Staffordshire)

Marie Cunningham, English, Calgary
BA (Lethbridge), MA (Alberta)

Tom Dalby, Psychology, Calgary
BA (Hons) (York), MA (Guelph), PhD (Calgary)

Dave Das Gupta, Economics, Mathematics, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Calcutta), MA (Calcutta), PhD (New York)

Gail Diachuk, Course Coordinator, Nursing
BScN (Alberta), MN (Alberta)

Bonnie Dobbs, Psychology, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Charles Dong, Administration, Calgary
BMA (Lethbridge), CA, CMC, MBA (Calgary)

James Doucette, Mathematics, St. Albert
BComm (Mount Allison), MEcon (McMaster)

Garth Edwards, Geology, St. Albert
BSc (Manitoba), PhD (Western Ontario)

Caterina Edwards LoVerso, English, Edmonton
MA (Alberta), BA (Hons)(Alberta)

Y.T. El-Nahhas, Finance, Edmonton
MSc (Wisconsin)

Jonathan Eustace, Psychology, Edmonton
BSc (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

David Evans, History, Humanities, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Marilyn Evans, RN, Nursing, Edmonton
MA (Alberta), BScN (McMaster)

Ron Evans, Administration, Edmonton
BAdmin (Athabasca)

Willy Fahlman, Sociology, Penhold
MDE (Athabasca), BScN (Saskatchewan)

Karen Farkas, Finance, Sherwood Park
BA (Pittsburgh), MBA (Cornell), MSc (Cornell), PhD (Cornell)

Stephen Fedor, Criminal Justice, Courtice
BA (Carlton), MA (Queen's)

Theresa Ferguson, Anthropology, Edmonton
BA (Toronto), MA (Alberta)

David Finch, History, Calgary
BA (Athabasca), MA (Calgary)

Don Fisher, English, Edmonton
BEd (Alberta), MA (Victoria)

John Fisher, Communications, Edmonton
BA (Brigham Young), MA (Brigham Young), PhD (Alberta)

Parmjit Flora, Physics, Fort McMurray
BSc (Hons)(Manchester), PhD (Sussex)

Jo-Ann Foote, English, Water Valley
BEd (Calgary)

Deborah Foster, Psychology, Women's Studies, Edmonton
BSc (McMaster), MSc (Guelph)

Louise Fournet, Economics, Marketing, Calgary
BA (Montreal), MBA (McGill)

Oliver Franke, Economics, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Dawn Friesen, RN, Nursing, Edmonton
BScN (Victoria), MN (Alberta)

Jayne Gackenbach, Psychology, Edmonton
BA (New Mexico), MS (Virginia), PhD (Virginia)

Bonnie Jean Gallinger, Geology, Edmonton
BA (Simon Fraser), MA (Alberta)

George Gentleman, Organizational Behaviour, Psychology, Calgary
BA (Loyola), MSc (Calgary)

Eric Goodman, Mathematics, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MSc (Alberta)

Georgia Goth, Biology, Grande Prairie
BSc (Alberta), MSc (Oklahoma), PhD (British Columbia)

Cara Gratton, English, St. Albert
BA (Saskatchewan), BEd (Saskatchewan)

Denise Graven, Nutrition, Calgary
BSc (Oklahoma), MSc (Oklahoma)

Victor Grossi, Psychology, Calgary
BSc (Calgary), MA (Wilfrid Laurier), PhD (Calgary)

Sonja Grover, Psychology, Edmonton
BA (Lakehead), MA (Lakehead), PhD (Toronto)

Lois Hameister, Organizational Behaviour, Industrial Relations, Edmonton
BEd (Alberta), BA (Alberta), MBA (Alberta)

Martin Haworth, Economics, Calgary
BA (York), MEcon (Alberta)

Rebecca Heartt, Psychology, Athabasca
MEd (Alberta), BA (Alberta)

Robin Hedley-Smith, English, New Serepta
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Robert Heller, Psychology, Edmonton
BSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Ian Hepher, Criminal Justice, Calgary
BA (Calgary), MA (Gonzaga)

Gunhild Hoogensen, Political Science, Okotoks
MA (Alberta), BSc (Concordia), PhD (Alberta)

Yuchiong Hsuanyu, Chemistry, Edmonton
BSc (Nankai), MSc (Nankai), PhD (Nankai), PhD (Ottawa)

Jill Hunter, Philosophy, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Richard Huntrods, Computing, Calgary
BSc (Calgary), MA (Calgary)

Ernie Jacobson, Economics, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Goran Jelica, Computing, Calgary
BSc (Athabasca)

Ivo Jirasek, Computing, Calgary
BSc (Prague), MSc (Prague)

Donald Johnston, Accounting, Athabasca
BA (Alberta), BComm (Alberta)

Lois Johnston, Anthropology, Hillspring
BEd (Lethbridge), BA (Calgary), MA (Calgary)

Allyson Jones, Health Administration, Edmonton
BSc (Saskatchewan), BA (Saskatchewan), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Randolph Kaltenbach, Computer Science, Calgary
BSc (Alberta)

Peggy Kayne, English, Edmonton
BSc (Brigham Young)

Margaret Keene, English, Edmonton
BMus (Toronto), MA (Birmingham)

Martin Kempton, Computer Science, Edmonton
BA (Open University)

Peter Kennett, Sociology, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

Beverley Kenney, Biology, Edmonton
BSc (Hons)(Acadia), MSc (McGill), Dip Ed (McGill)

Denis Keroack, Mathematics, Sherwood Park
BSc (Alberta), MSc (Calgary)

Linda Kerr, Native Studies, Edmonton
BA (Calgary), MA (Calgary), PhD (Alberta)

Cheryl Kier, Psychology, Calgary
BA (McGill), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Reading, UK)

Frances Klingle, Art History, Edmonton
MA (Alberta)

George Knight, Administration, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Mark Kolodziej, Management Science, Calgary
BA (Calgary), BSc (Manitoba), MSc (Calgary), PhD (Nova Southeastern)

Donna Koziak, Legal Studies, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), LLB (Alberta), Dip Ad Ed (Alberta)

Dorothy Kubsch, Mathematics, Edmonton
BComm (Distinction)(Alberta)

Hemant Kumar, Finance, Edmonton
BSc (Delhi), MCA (Delhi), MBA (Alberta)

Ravi Kumar, Accounting, Administration, Edmonton
BComm (Madras), CA, CGA

Nicole Kunzle, French, Edmonton
BEd (Alberta), MA (Paris), PhD (Alberta)

Helen Lam, Industrial Relations, Edmonton
BSc (Hong Kong), PhD (Alberta)

Nanci Langford, History, Women's Studies, Edmonton
PhD (Alberta)

Alan Le Boeuf, Psychology, Calgary
BSc (Hons) (Sheffield), MSc (Birmingham), PhD (Trinity, Dublin)

Christopher Lewis, Psychology, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Evelyn Lien, Organizational Behaviour, St. Albert
BComm (Calgary), MA (Calgary)

Tim Long, Accounting, Lethbridge
BA (Calgary), BA (Lethbridge), CMA

Tracey Lowey, Criminal Justice, Calgary
BA (Hons) (Carleton), MSc (Minot State)

Ian Lovatt, Mathematics, Calgary
BSc (Toronto), MSc (Toronto), PhD (Toronto)

Shane Loxterkamp, Criminal Justice, Edmonton
MDP (Alberta, Extension Program), HRM (Alberta, Extension Program)

David Lyder, Astronomy, Edmonton
BSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Victoria)

E.C. Cary MacWilliams, Philosophy, Didsbury
UCert: FrenP (Athabasca), BSc (Alberta), BA (First Class Hons) (Calgary), MA (Calgary)

James Mackintosh, Communication Studies, Vancouver
MA (Simon Fraser), BComm (Simon Fraser)

Don Maier, Accounting, Calgary
BComm (Manitoba), CA, MBA (Calgary)

Kathy Matthews, Accounting, Edmonton
BComm (Alberta)

Colleen McClure, Psychology, St. Albert
BA (Alberta), BEd (Distinction) (Alberta), MA (San Diego)

John McDonough, Political Science, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Queen's), MA (Toronto)

Jody McGarry, Facilitator, Athabasca
Dip BAdmin

Tom McKenzie, Criminal Justice, Lethbridge
Law Enforcement Dip. (Lethbridge)

Sheila Mellon, Psychology, Grande Prairie
BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

David Millar, Information Systems, Victoria
BA (Dalhousie), MA (Carleton), MLIS (Dalhousie), PhD (York)

Kristina Milke, Accounting, Edmonton
CA (ICAA), BA (Alberta)

Laurie Milne, Anthropology, Medicine Hat
BA (Hons) (Calgary), MA (Calgary), PhD (Simon Fraser)

Sue Mitchell, Organizational Behaviour, Lethbridge
BA (McMaster), MA (Gonzaga)

Vladimir Monjushko, Computer Systems, Richmond
PhD (Odessa)

Wendy Morey Hood, Facilitator, Rochester
BEd (Lethbridge)

Ram Mudalier, Communications, Fort Smith
BA (Alberta), MS (Oregon)

Nand Narine, Criminal Justice, Edmonton
BSc (Hons) (Guyana), MBA (Washington), PhD (Columbia)

Seymour Neumann, Accounting, Edmonton
BComm (Saskatchewan)

Karen Nielsen, Women's Studies, Psychology, Edmonton
MEd (New Brunswick), BSc (Alberta), BSw (St. Thomas)

Kate O'Brodovich, Career Development, Shellbrook
MEd (Saskatchewan), BEd (Regina)

Audrey O'Brien, French, Edmonton
DipEd (Hull, UK), MA (Alberta)

Sophie Ogle, Biology, Edmonton
BSc (Alberta)

Helen Onderka, Nutrition, Spruce Grove
BSc (Purdue), MSc (Purdue)

Melanie Opmeer, Administration, Communications, Athabasca
BA (Simon Fraser), Dip Comm (BCIT)

Collette Oseen
BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

David Otto, Organizational Behaviour, St. Albert
BMus (New York), MBA (Michigan), PhD (Michigan)

Seaneen O'Rourke, English, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Frits Pannekoek, History, Calgary
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (Queen's)

Jack Park, Geology/Geography, Spruce Grove,
BA (Indiana), MA (Indiana), MSc (Alberta)

Timothy Parker, Psychology, Camrose
BSc (Toronto), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Ann Marie Parkes, Sociology, Lethbridge
BSc (Great Falls), MA (Great Falls)

Lynda Paterson, Economics, Lethbridge
MA (Alberta)

David Patient, Administration, Vancouver
LLB (London, UK), MBA (British Columbia)

Izak Paul, Biology, Calgary
BSc (Hons) (McGill), PhD (Toronto)

George Pich, History, Labour Studies, Edmonton
BEd (Alberta), BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (Australian National)

Nathalie Piquemal, Philosophy, Edmonton
MA (Strasbourg), PhD (Alberta)

Frances Puffer, Sociology, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (Illinois)

Pamela Quon, Accounting, Edmonton
BComm (Alberta), CMA

Darlene Rising, Chemistry, Calgary
BSc (New Mexico)

James Robinson, Chemistry, Calgary
BSc (Calgary), MSc (Calgary)

Shirley Roozen, Geography, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Aileen Ross, English, Red Deer
BA (Special with Distinction)(Alberta), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

John Russell, Marketing, Lethbridge
BEd (Lethbridge), MEd (Lethbridge)

Bonnie Ryan-Fisher, Philosophy, Whitecourt
BEd (Calgary), MA (Calgary), Dip AdEd (British Columbia)

Priya Sagar, Facilitator, Boyle

Fresia Sanchez, Spanish, Calgary
BA (Chile), MA (Calgary)

Elaine Schow, RN, Nursing, Calgary
BScN (Victoria), MN (Calgary)

Simita Schwartzberg, Psychology, Edmonton
BA (McGill), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Natalie Sharpe, Anthropology, Sociology, Edmonton
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MA (Alberta), AAMSCRP Cert.

Shelley Sikora, Psychology, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Peter Slezak, Geography, Calgary
BA (Calgary), MA (Calgary)

Marianne Sorensen, Industrial Relations, Edmonton
BA (Ontario), MA (Ontario), PhD (Alberta)

Marion Spencer, Facilitator, Athabasca

Doug Spoulos, Computer Systems, Lethbridge
CA (ICAA), BA (Lethbridge)

Lorna Stefanick, Political Science, Edmonton
BA (British Columbia), MA (Calgary), PhD (Queen's)

M. Joan Stellmach, Mathematics, Calgary
BSc (Hons) (Alberta), MSc (Calgary)

Matthew Stephens, Philosophy, Edmonton
BA (Queen's), MA (Alberta)

Lorraine Stewart
BEd (Alberta), MEd (Alberta)

Richard Stewart, Criminal Justice, Edmonton
BA (New Brunswick), BAdmin Dip. (NAIT), BA (Lethbridge)

Belinda Stier, Facilitator, Athabasca

Krzysztof Swiatek, Philosophy, Edmonton
MSc (Krakow), MA (Krakow), MA (York, UK)

Terrence Taylor, Computer Science, Stony Plain
BSc (Alberta), Dip Ed (Alberta)

William Thompson, English, Edmonton
BA (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Klaus Thomson, Chemistry, Edmonton
PhD (Germany), MSc (Germany)

Roger Thomson, Accounting, Edmonton
BComm (Alberta), CA

Karen Titanich, RN, Nursing, Edmonton
BScN (McMaster), MScN (Hawaii), MPH (Hawaii)

Yum Chung To, Accounting, Calgary
MA (Sheffield Hallam, UK), Prof Acct Cert (Hong Kong)

Jo-Anne Tomie, Psychology, Lethbridge
MSc (Lethbridge), BSc (Lethbridge)

Graham Toope, Mathematics, St. Albert
BEd (Alberta), MBA (Alberta)

Susan Turner, Philosophy, Victoria
BA (Concordia), MA (Alberta), PhD (Alberta)

Gail Vanterpool, English, Edmonton
BA (Hons)(Alberta), BEd (Alberta), MA (Alberta)

Amin Visram, Criminal Justice, Edmonton
BSC (Nairobi), MA (Alberta)

S.P. Viswanathan, Finance, Mathematics, St. Albert
BSc (Hons) (Madras), MS (North Carolina), MA (Simon Fraser)

Hartley Waldman, Computer Science, Calgary
BComm (Saskatchewan), BEd (Toronto), MEd (Calgary)

David Walker, Educational Psychology, St. Albert
BEd (Alberta), BSc (Alberta), MA (Oregon)

Doug Wardell, Psychology, Sherwood Park
BA (Hons) (Wilfrid Laurier), PhD (Alberta)

Shannon Whelan, Career Development, Stavely
MA (St. Francis Xavier), BGS (Athabasca)

Brian Whitelaw, Criminal Justice, Calgary
BA (Calgary), MA (Calgary)

Kevin Whittingham, Humanities, History, Music, Edmonton
BGS (Athabasca), MA (California State)

Christopher Whitty, Computing, Edmonton
BSc (Western Ontario)

Kathy Williams, English, German, Edmonton
BA (Colorado), MA (Calgary)

Colleen Wright, Accounting, Edmonton
BA (Calgary), CMA

James Wright, Marketing, Sherwood Park
BA (Oregon), MA (Oregon), BIDC (Colorado), IDI (Oklahoma)

Tarah Wright, Environmental Studies, Edmonton
BA (Waterloo), MA (Dalhousie)

Mary Anne Yurkiw, Health Studies, Edmonton
MSc (Toronto), BSc (Mount Saint Vincent)

Office of the Vice-President, Student Services

Judith Hughes, Vice-President, Student Services
BA (Carleton), DBA (Algonquin), MEd (Queen's), PhD (Alberta)

Mary Foster, Counsellor
BEd (McGill), MEd (Toronto)

Brenda Moore, Coordinator, Access for Students with Disabilities
Social Service Worker DIP (Grant MacEwan), Teaching Cert. (Alberta), BEd (Alberta)

Computing Services

David Hrenewich, Director
BSc (Hons) (Saskatchewan), MSc (Saskatchewan)

Troy Adams, NT/UNIX Systems Administrator

Eugene P. Ady, Senior Systems Analyst Programmer - Web Development
BSc (Calgary)

Travis Burwash, Senior Microcomputer Systems Analyst, Computer Systems,
Technology Diploma (NAIT)

Daryl Campbell, Senior Web System Administrator
Dip Comp Data Proc (Saskatchewan T.I.)

Rob Das, Systems Analyst/Programmer
BSc (Alberta), I.S.P.

Nazrat Durand, Database Analyst

Lloydene Eherer, Training and PC Systems Analyst

James Haubrich, Systems Analyst Programmer
Technical Systems Diploma (SAIT)

Barry Kokotailo, Senior Systems Administrator - UNIX
Dip Electronic Engineering (NAIT)

Richard Loken, Senior Systems Administrator - VMS
Dip Electronic Engineering (Saskatchewan)

Michael Neville, Programmer Analyst
BA (Phil) (Carleton), BA (Law) (Carleton), BAdmin (Athabasca)

Karen Rosa, Coordinator, PC Training and Support
BA (Athabasca), BEd (Alberta), MDE (Athabasca), AGD-DE (Athabasca)

Ken Schmidt, Database Administrator
BSc (Alberta), DDS (Alberta), Specialization Certificate CompuSc (Alberta), MSc (Alberta)

Greg Stevenson, Manager of System Administration and Network Systems
BSc (Carleton)

Chris Crafford, Telecom and Networks Manager
Telecom Eng. Dip. (Johannesburg)

Dan West, Multimedia Systems Coordinator
Teachers Certificate (Peterborough), CPP (AIPMAC)

Kelcey Carlisle, Junior Microcomputer Systems Analyst
Technology Dip. (Hons) (NAIT), BSc (Athabasca), BSc Civil Engineering (Alberta)

A.J. Fraser, Systems Analyst Programmer
Diploma in Chemical Technology (Ryerson)

Course Materials Production

Peter Chaffey, Coordinator
BA (St. Mary's), BBA (Mount Saint Vincent), CITT, CPP

Calgary Learning Centre

Karen Wong, Manager
Business Admin. Dip (SAIT), BAdmin (Athabasca)

Edmonton Learning Centre

Jan Chipiuk, Manager

Library Services

Steven Schafer, Director
BSc (CHC), BGS (Athabasca), MLIS (Alberta)

Douglas Kariel, Head, Technical Services and Systems
BMus (Arizona State), MLIS (Western Ontario)

Corey Stier, Library Gateway Developer
BA (Distinction) (Lethbridge), MLIS (Alberta)

Lorna Young, Head, Reference and Circulation Services
BA (Hons) (Western Ontario), MLS (Toronto)

Office of the Registrar

Joan Fraser, Registrar
Teaching Cert. (Ontario), BA (Laurentian), MEd (Calgary)

Margaret Carmichael, Assistant Registrar, Admissions
BA (Alberta)

Janice De Girolamo, Collaborative Agreement Assistant
BA (Alberta)

Gilbert Perras, Assistant Registrar, Systems
BSc (Alberta)

Helen Salzl, Prior Learning Assessment Coordinator

Dave McMullen, Coordinator, Registry Services

Office of the Vice-President, Finance

J. Arthur Nutt, Vice-President, Finance

Carolyn Pidzarko, Director, Budget Administration and Financial Planning
Business Admin Dip (Hons) (NAIT), CGA

Facilities and Services

Burck Hantel, Director
BSc (Alberta)

Financial Services

Duncan Robertson, Controller

Doreen Chin, General Accountant
BSc (Hons) (Cardiff)

Herbert Hetze, Senior Accountant
Business Admin Dip (NAIT), CMA

Darrell Huber, Associate Controller
BComm (Saskatchewan), CA

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