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President Abrioux ImageWelcome to Athabasca University, and a special word of welcome if you are one of the 8,000 people who will be newly enrolling at Athabasca University this year. More and more Canadians and international students are discovering distance education - our enrolments have risen by 50 per cent over the last three years - and finding how well it can meet their goals.

Some of our students enrol for a full program, some take just one or more courses for personal development, and a growing number are "visiting" students, taking specific courses to supplement their studies at other institutions. All are equally welcome. As Canada's Open University we seek to serve as wide a public as possible, and to offer equally high standards of service to all.

Athabasca University is different from other universities in offering individualized learning, year-round enrolment, self-paced study, program flexibility, and open admission. You can learn at the times and places convenient to you. You can study using print-based materials with telephone support, online using the Web, or choose courses that use computer mediated communications and other technologies. You can challenge courses for credit or apply for credit for non-formal learning. All students living in Canada or the United States can contact professors, tutors, and student services through a toll-free telephone line. The University and its entire staff may be contacted through e-mail. We are proud of the fact that more than 96 per cent of our current students say they would recommend Athabasca University to their friends and family. There is a good chance that you are indeed one of the many newcomers who are approaching the University because of such a recommendation. But how ever you found out about us, we look forward to serving you, and to your recommending Athabasca University to the next generation of motivated learners.

Dominique A.M.X. Abrioux   President
Phone: (780) 675-6103   

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