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Graduate Calendar 2014|15

Post-Masters Diploma:
Nurse Practitioner

Post-Masters Diploma: Nurse Practitioner

If you were admitted to the program in 2011 or earlier, use the previous regulations.

Note: For new PMD:NP student applications (2012 or later), the new regulations below will apply.

The Post-Masters Diploma: Nurse Practitioner (PMD:NP) (was formerly called Advanced Graduate Diploma: Advanced Nursing Practice, or AGD:ANP) is offered by the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies. The program prepares nurses to assume a broader role in the provision of health services to clients of all ages as family nurse practitioners.

PMD: NP Admission Requirements

By the application deadline, applicants for admission to the PMD: NP program must be graduates of a Canadian (or equivalent) masters degree in Nursing from an accredited/recognized university, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B) in their masters program.

Applicants must have obtained recently, a minimum of 4,500 verified hours of work experience as a registered nurse prior to application (Statement effective July 1, 2011).

Athabasca University MN:ANP and MN:NP graduates are precluded from admission to the PMD:NP.

PMD: NP Program Requirements

The PMD:NP program is composed of the following nine, three-credit courses for a total of 27 credits. Students will write a comprehensive examination upon completion of PMD:NP courses. Students are required to attend a one week on-site component in NURS 518 at their own expense.

All courses in the PMD:NP stream except NURS 518 are offered in each semester (Fall, Winter, and Spring). NURS 518 is offered in Winter and Spring Session.

NUST 614 Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing (3)
NURS 518 Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Practitioners (3)
NURS 519 Advanced Pathophysiology for Clinical Decision Making (3)
NURS 521 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurse Practitioners (3)
NURS 522 NP: Women and Men's Health (3)
NURS 524 NP: Children's Health (3)
NURS 526 NP: Adult Health (3)
NURS 528 NP: Older Adult Health (3)
NURS 530 NP: Practice Consolidation (3)



Information effective September 1, 2014 to December 31, 2015.

Updated September 21, 2015