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Graduate Calendar 2011|12

Student Code of Conduct and
Right to Appeal Regulations

Student Code of Conduct and Right to Appeal Regulations

Three policies govern the conduct of applicants and students of Athabasca University: the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, the Student Academic Misconduct Policy, and the Student Appeals Policy.

These policies, while they apply to both graduate and undergraduate students, are maintained online in the Undergraduate Calendar.

When you refer to a particular section of any policy, ensure you include the name of the policy, accompanied by the section or subsection number. Athabasca University is serious about academic conduct, including plagiarism. Our faculty and staff trace suspected cases and serious penalties may be imposed if a case is substantiated.

Correspondence from a student to Athabasca University on any subject pertaining to the above three policies, must be made in writing via Canada Post, email, or fax, to the Office of Registrar.

Office of the Registrar
Athabasca University
1 University Drive
Athabasca, AB T9S 3A3
fax: 780.675.6174






Information effective Sept. 1, 2011 to Aug. 31, 2012.

Updated October 20, 2011