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Graduate Calendar 2010|11

Hardcopy Application Materials

Hardcopy Application Materials

There are two elements that must be included in the mailed application package by all applicants:

  1. Letters of Reference: Each applicant to the Centre for Nursing and Health Studies Programs is required to provide 3 official letters of reference. The references must be completed using the CNHS Letter of Reference form. If you have previously applied to a CNHS program, you will need to submit current letters of reference with each new application.

    If you completed your undergraduate degree within the past five years or have done further coursework during that time, at least one of the letters of reference should come from someone familiar with your academic skills. If that is not possible, you will be asked to explain why you were unable to find someone to fill this role as part of your online CNHS Program Application.

    Each referee should be a relatively objective individual who can provide an assessment of your background and capabilities with respect to the prospective graduate program. Letters from friends, family members, colleagues, people currently registered in a CNHS graduate program, or general reference letters that are not written in support of the person's application to the particular graduate program are not acceptable. For professional or work references, select individuals who are familiar with your work, preferably if they have supervised you in some way.

    You must collect each reference in a sealed envelope with the referee's signature across the seal to submit with the rest of the assembled hardcopy application materials package. Referees must complete the assessment form provided. All reference letters must bear the appraiser's original signature; e-mail attachments, facsimiles or photocopies are not considered official. Letters accompanying the assessment form must bear the referee's original signature on each page.

    It is your responsibility to provide each referee with a copy of the CNHS Letter of Reference form and to ensure that the letter of reference is received by the program office prior to the application deadline. Be sure to complete the first section yourself before providing your referees with the form. They may find it most convenient to complete the form in electronic format. Referees will need to print, sign all pages of the Reference form and any additional pages, seal in an envelope, and sign over the seal prior to providing you with the completed reference.

    It is also your responsibility to notify your referees, that, in accordance with the Province of Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the information contained in the letter of reference is NOT considered to be confidential, and it may be viewed by the applicant upon request. For more information, contact

  2. Official Transcripts: Applicants must submit an official transcript from all post-secondary educational institutions attended (including Athabasca University, if applicable), regardless of the number of courses taken or the amount of time spent there. Do not include transcripts from high school. If you have previously applied to a CNHS program, you will need to resubmit official transcripts with each application.

    Transcripts from ALL institutions, including Athabasca University, must be issued directly to you and then included in the hardcopy application materials package. To be considered official, transcripts must be received in envelopes that have been sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution. It is your responsibility to ensure official, sealed transcripts arrive prior to the application deadline.

    Note: Applicants with international credentials, may also need to include the following documents in their hardcopy application materials package:

    Transcript Translation: Applicants submitting any official documents (e.g., transcripts) in a language other than English or French must provide an official translation of such documents. If the credential being submitted has been earned outside Canada or the US, documentation attesting to its equivalence to a Canadian baccalaureate degree is required. Such documentation can be obtained from the following sources:

    International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS):

    International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
    9th Floor, 108 Street Building
    9942 - 108 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5K 2J5
    IQAS Telephone: (780) 427-2655
    IQAS Fax: (780) 422-9734

    World Education Services (WES):

    World Education Services (WES)
    45 Charles Street East, Suite 700
    Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1S2
    WES Telephone: 416-972-0070
    Toll free: 866-343-0070
    Fax: 416-972-9004

    For Post-Masters Diploma and Advanced Nursing Practice applicants: You must also include a photocopy of your Nursing Registration and a copy of your current Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate. If available, provide a photocopy of your Nursing Practitioner (NP) licence.

    Application for Transfer Credit (Optional): If you wish to apply for transfer credit for coursework you have previously completed, you must do so prior to the application deadline. Please carefully review the process for Applying for Transfer Credit and include the transfer credit application materials and fee payment in your hardcopy application materials package.


    E-mail attachments, photocopies, unofficial transcripts, and faxed documents are considered unofficial and will not be accepted.

    All of the hardcopy materials must be assembled and submitted together as one complete package.

    Allow sufficient time for your package to reach the program office prior to the application deadline.

    Please carefully follow the Steps in the Application Process to ensure that you submit all required components by the application deadline.


Information effective Sept. 1, 2010 to Aug. 31, 2011.

Updated October 20, 2011